Teosyal Global Action

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Teosyal Global Action is a slightly stronger filler than both First Lines and Meso, and is recommended for the filling of moderate facial wrinkles. These commonly include glabellar lines - the lines formed that kind of look like a number ‘11’ when you frown - and perioral wrinkles – the lines formed around the lips. Both glabellar lines and perioral wrinkles are inevitable signs of ageing in most people, made worse in smokers and people who have been excessively exposed to UV and UVB rays. If you are a smoker and these two types of wrinkles are fairly prominent despite your age, then this product is probably the best for targeting these areas.

Teosyal Global Action can be used on all areas on the face with moderate wrinkles that are not too pronounced, so you can really achieve the look that you want. If you’re looking to shed years from your appearance, or just looking to eliminate the deeper lines around the eyes and mouth, then Global Action can provide what you are looking for. As with all treatments like this, it is very easy to get a personal and customised treatment and end up with the perfect transformation or ideal tweaking to your appearance.

Teosyal Global Action is injected to a medium depth, into the mid dermal layer of the skin at the point you wish to be corrected. The deeper the injection generally means the longer lasting the treatment will be, so Global Action is right in the middle of the longer lasting treatments.

These treatments last on an average of six to nine months, again, dependent on each person. Each treatment takes around 30 minutes to administer, and the effects are immediate. Global Action, as with the entire Teosyal range, is therefore one of the most convenient dermal fillers available in the UK at the moment.

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