Advantages of ClearSmile Braces

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ClearSmile offers an array of advantages for individuals who are looking for a discreet and quick solution for issues that affect the front teeth. Advantages include:

  • Discreet aesthetics: ClearSmile Braces are made from small, clear brackets and discreet wires, which are coated in tooth-coloured material. They are light and delicate and they can barely be seen when you smile.
  • Targeted treatment: ClearSmile focuses on the front ten teeth to produce amazing aesthetics and eliminate the need for more comprehensive treatment, which may not be required in some cases.
  • Cost: ClearSmile braces are a less expensive alternative to invisible aligners, such as Invisalign and lingual braces, such as Incognito, making them more accessible to people who want a beautiful smile without wearing visible braces.
  • Comfort: ClearSmile braces are light and sleek and they use gentle forces to reposition the teeth gradually.
  • Predictable results: patients are able to see visual projections of their new smile thanks to advanced Archwize software; this gives the individual something to look forward to during the treatment process.
  • Reliability: fixed braces may not offer as much flexibility as removable braces, but they are proven to work and the results are guaranteed, rather than being reliant on the patient remembering to wear their brace for a certain period of time every day.
  • Speed: typically, cases are complete within 4-12 months, making this a much faster option than traditional fixed braces.
  • Versatility: ClearSmile is suitable for a wide range of patients of all ages; it can be used to correct minor and moderate issues affecting the bite, as well as mild crowding and spaces between the front teeth.

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