How ClearSmile Aligner Works

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ClearSmile Aligner offers an alternative mode of treatment to the braces most of us are familiar with; rather than using a single fixed brace made from wires and brackets, ClearSmile Aligner employs a series of plastic appliances, called aligners, to gently reposition and align the teeth, creating a beautiful new aesthetic.

Each patient receives a series of custom-made aligners; these aligners are created based on your personalised treatment plan, which is created using Archwize software. To begin with, patients are usually provided with the first 6 aligners; after this, impressions are re-taken to ensure the next 6 aligners are shaped perfectly in line with the projected movement of the teeth.

ClearSmile aligners work by generating forces, which gently squeeze the teeth and cause them to move into the right position; these forces are very gentle and you won’t feel them at work when you are wearing your braces.

The process

ClearSmile aligners are different to fixed braces and a number of different appliances are used; your dentist will advise you when you need to swap over your aligners when you begin your treatment.

ClearSmile aligners are removable, but it is very important that they are worn for a certain period of time every day in order to produce the best results; ideally, they should be worn for at least 22 hours per day and removed only when you eat and brush your teeth.

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