How ClearSmile works and treatment duration

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ClearSmile Braces are fixed braces, which use forces generated by brackets and wires, to move the teeth, gently repositioning them and creating a beautiful new smile. The brackets are individually moulded onto the front of the teeth and once they are in place, the wire is threaded through; the brackets and wires apply pressure to the teeth, gently squeezing them and forcing them into the desired position. ClearSmile Braces use incredibly fine memory-shape wires, which apply constant pressure to the teeth. Your braces will be working every second of your treatment and by the time you have your braces removed, you will notice an amazing difference. During treatment, the braces will be adjusted periodically to optimise tooth movement.

How long will treatment take?

ClearSmile Braces are faster than traditional fixed braces and the vast majority of cases are complete within 12 months.

ClearSmiles is generally recommended for patients with mild or moderate needs and in the most minor cases, treatment may only take around 12 weeks; the most common duration is 4-9 months.

When you have our consultation and your dentist has a good idea of the nature and severity of your orthodontic needs, they will be able to give you a prediction of treatment time; this will be firmed up once your treatment plan has been drawn up using state of the art software, which plots the movement of the teeth. Your dentist will check your progress through follow-up appointments during treatment and the braces will be removed once you and your dentist are happy with the position of the teeth and the appearance of the smile.

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