ClearSmile Treatment Cost and Comparison

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The exact cost of ClearSmile treatment varies according to the individual patient; the treatment breakdown will include the cost of any treatment required prior to the braces being fitted (for example, consultations and extraction of teeth to make space for the remaining teeth to move into), any follow-up treatment and the braces themselves. Some patients will only require one arch, while others will require two; if you have both arches (both top and bottom), the cost will be higher.

When you have your consultation, your dentist will go through costs and fees with you and you shouldn’t agree to go ahead until you have seen and signed a written quote, which includes all the costs. Typically, ClearSmile is less expensive than invisible aligner treatments and lingual braces and it may represent a more affordable solution for patients who are desperate for a discreet brace.

Sometimes, braces can be expensive and it is now possible to spread the cost of some treatments; ask your dentist about dental finance, a means of paying off the cost of your treatment in instalments. Some finance agreements offer 0% interest, while others will have an interest charge; make sure you are sure how much you will be paying per month for how long before you sign on the dotted line.

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