Benefits of Dental Implants

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Dental implants treat a variety of problems

Dental implants give you flexibility. The treatment can be tailored to you, because the implant is just the base. Dental implants can replace one single tooth, or can act as a base for a whole mouth of replacement teeth, making them a viable option as treatment for a wide range of dental issues. Dental implants can also be used in cases where there is significant damage to teeth, and can help create the perfect smile quite quickly because they can be placed straight after an extraction.

Dental implants improve the aesthetic appearance of your mouth

With a wide range of options for replacement, and a number of eventual effects that can be produced, dental implants can help you achieve that Hollywood smile. You can choose the shade and shape of the replacement teeth so that you can have your confidence back when you smile.

Dental implants can help improve self esteem

Your smile is part of how you present yourself to the world – if you are ashamed of it your self esteem can really take a knock. Dental implants can allow you to feel proud when you smile and confident in the knowledge that your replacement teeth are firmly in place. Once there, you barely need to think about them and can concentrate on enjoying life and finding things to smile about!

Dental implants improve confidence with speech

Dental implants remove the fear that your dentures are going to slip out when you speak, so where you previously might have avoided speaking in front of people, you can do so with confidence. Dental implants are extremely secure and if the replacement teeth are correctly fitted there should be no negative impact on your speech.

Dental implants can allow denture wearers to eat foods they never thought they would again!

Since dental implants are fused to the bone they can almost be treated as your own teeth. You should be able to eat difficult foods confidently – this can be life changing for those who have worn removable dentures for a long time. Without the fear of pain or of your dentures coming out you can eat in comfort.

Dental implants require little maintenance and last a long time

Dental implants are also low maintenance – they can last up to 15 years without needing replacing. Once the implant has healed care is the same as it would be if the crown or bridge on top of the implant were there without being implanted: maintaining good oral hygiene and having regular check ups. You do not need to apply adhesives to your dentures or have as much maintenance work as you would if they were removable.

Developments mean people with low bone volume or density can have implants too

The development of mini implants means that for patients with insufficient jaw bone to place standard implants, dental implants may still be an option. There are also surgeries that increase the surface area of the bone so implants can be placed. Few people are ruled out altogether.

The procedure is reputable and reliable

The implant technique has been around for a long time – around 40 years. It is a trusted technique, and while technology is always working to develop where possible, the basic premise has stayed the same and is based on the material properties of titanium being biologically compatible with bone tissue. The success rate of implants is also very high, around 95%.

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