Types of Single Tooth Implants

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Depending on where about in the mouth the implant is needed your dentist may use different terms to describe them. Essentially the implant process is still either: root form, plate form, or subperiostal though.

Anterior Implant Crown

This type of single tooth replacement refers to a restoration which replaces a missing or loose tooth in the front of the mouth. The implants need to withstand a lot of pressure here because your front teeth are the first to make contact with hard food items such as apples.

Front Tooth Replacement, Maxillary Central Incisor

While this term is also used to refer to replacement teeth in the front of the mouth, this specifically refers to teeth in the lower jaw, at either side of the mouth.

Front Tooth Replacement, Maxillary Lateral Incisor

This term refers to a tooth in the bottom jaw too, but this is more central in the jaw and used for chewing more. These are more commonly missing due to a biological or congenital problem. They are also susceptible to injuries.

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