Do I need a Dental Implant for Every Tooth that is Missing?

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When dental implants first became popular one dental implant would support a single crown on top. This is what is known as a single tooth implant. In many cases however, the patient is missing more than one tooth. Rather than implanting lots of titanium in that section of the jaw, one implant can be used to support several prosthetic teeth in the form or a bridge or a denture. Your dentist will decide how many implants are necessary by assessing the density and volume of bone tissue where the implants need to go. If the bone tissue will not be supportive enough mini implants can be used to hold dentures in place.

If you are missing all your teeth (or “edentulous”) you will need ten plus teeth in both upper and lower jaw. In this case you would need at least five implants to hold those teeth in place. Each individual will need an assessment by a dentist to determine the number of implants needed, there is no hard and fast rule with this.

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