How to Prepare for a Dental Implant

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After making and attending your consultation you need to ensure that you fully understand the procedure. If you have further questions it is important to make a further appointment for your consultation. If you are still uncertain there is a multitude of information available online. You could even try calling your chosen dental centre to see if they have information packs available. Knowing exactly what you are going to go through is really important. You should feel confident about the procedure and certain that it is right for you. Check out all other options first. Your dentist will be able to advise you on this. In the run up to your treatment you should receive information about your specific procedure from your dentist, explaining exactly what you will be having done. If you are going to be sedated you may be instructed not to eat or drink for a few hours before your treatment. Your dentist will provide you with more specific instructions relating to this. You will also need to arrange for someone to drive or accompany you home until the effects of your sedative or anaesthetic have worn off. You must also ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy prior to your treatment. Good oral hygiene is important in any case but is especially important in the run up to a dental implant procedure. If your teeth and gums are unhealthy it is likely that your dentist will not be able to perform the implant. It is imperative that you take especially good care of your mouth in the run up to your operation. Your dentist and/or hygienist will be able to advise you on how best to do this.

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