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Times might occur in which, for one reason or another, we require a new tooth or teeth. It might be due to a bad fall, illness, gum degeneration or simply old age. It is in this very time then, that it’s time to decide to get a good dental implant. There are many kinds of implants, for people of every age, gender and pocket. Nevertheless, it is of crucial importance for you to be able to make an informed decision on dental implants; hence, the following information is designed to deliver the necessary details when considering such a treatment

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is effectively a small replacement ‘root’ of your missing tooth. This replacement usually comes in the shape of a small screw or rod-like cylinder which is able to support one or several false teeth. After a few months, ossointegration will occur, which means that the implant will fuse firmly into the jaw bone. When this restoration process has occurred, then you are ready to place the bridges, crowns or dentures you may need.

The implant will typically be made out of a titanium alloy, and the precise composition will depend on the model you and your dentist eventually choose. Nevertheless, they are precisely built in order to be as resilient and resistant as possible

What is the best dental implant?

There are an estimated 150 different dental implant manufacturers, and several different kinds of implants. The specific type of implant will be agreed upon by you and your dentist depending on your palate conformation and the deepness of your jaw, and also considering the budget you want to allocate to the treatment. The most used dental implant is the Root Form implant, also known as the  ‘Endosteal’ one. This involves placing the implant (screw or cylinder) directly into the jawbone which can hold one or several artificial teeth. After the healing or ossointegration has occurred, the dentist will then fit a solid attachment to hold the teeth in place. This implant is very versatile and works best on patients with a wide jawbone. Nevertheless, even if you have a small jawbone you can get the Endosteal implant by building up your jawbone through bone grafting. In the case these were not viable options, then there is another implant known as the Plate Form implant. As the name suggests, a plate is inserted in the jawbone as opposed to a screw or cylinder. This will be achieved by making small incisions in the gums in order to insert the plate, which will be closed with tiny stitches. If, however, your jaw is not able to hold the plate, for either a conformation or illness reason, then a Subperiosteal implant can be considered as it places a personalised lightweight framework underneath the gum tissue by carefully measuring your jaw and teeth using CAT scans, ‘impressions’ or the latest computer aided implants. This implant effectively acts as an anchoring mean for later restorations. Hence, it resembles a series of solid tooth roots. As you might imagine, this sounds as a relatively painful procedure, therefore is performed under anaesthesia. The Subperiosteal implant is unsurprisingly, more costly, and if this represents an issue, then a mini dental implant might be considered instead. This mini implant works well as a replacement for smaller teeth and, because of its size, does not require any bone grafting before insertion. This implant is also made out of titanium and works very well as a fixture for dentures.

The implants described above all have slightly different functions, costs and procedures. Therefore, the best implant is the one that suits your needs best. For instance, a mini implant might work best if you only need to replace a small incisor, but an Endosteal one might last much longer. Nevertheless, the choice of the implant is virtually insignificant compared to the skill of the surgeon performing the operation. You might opt for the latest computer-aided Subperiosteal implant, but if the surgeon is a poor one, then no implant is worth its money. Therefore, it is important for you to choose a trusted and skilled dentist which will perform a good operation and also provide you with excellent quality artificial teeth. As a matter of fact, the quality of the teeth is also of paramount importance, so do make sure to approach a trusted dentist and not necessarily the less expensive for convenience, or the most expensive for assumed skills.

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