What is Immediate Loading Surgery?

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A common procedure for dental implants is to have one session to place the implant and then when that is properly healed a second session to fit the abutment. This is known as delayed placement implantation. But this is not the only form of treatment. To avoid the delay you can opt for immediate loading surgery. Immediate implant surgery refers to the full treatment in just one session. This means that the implant is placed, the abutment attached, and the restoration fitted all in one sitting with your dentist.

This procedure is becoming more popular. It removes the need for temporary tooth replacements while you wait for the osseointegration process, and it means you can achieve your Hollywood smile sooner. It may also work out to be cheaper than multiple sessions.

There are some drawbacks however. You need to have excellent oral health, with strong healthy teeth and a wide, deep jawbone to support such a lot of work in one sitting. There is also a greater risk of implant failure. This is because the added pressure on the implant may affect the growth of bone tissue around the titanium and prevent proper healing. If the titanium and bone tissue are not properly bonded the implant will be loose, and could lead to pain or discomfort – not to mention the fact that it will not be able to hold a replacement tooth in place firmly.

While the wait for osseointegration may seem long, it is important to weigh up the pros and cons of immediate loading. If your implants are going to last a lifetime, waiting a few more months to increase your chances of success may not be such a bad thing.

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