How Long do Dental Implants Last?

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The actual dental implant has fantastic longevity. Because it has fused to the bone there is no gradual wearing that will result in a replacement. The first patient who had dental implants fitted in 1965 still has the same ones working today!

It is not just the implant you need to think about though: your implant held replacement teeth will be susceptible to trauma, and you could still suffer from gum disease. Depending on the type of replacement tooth you have your dentist will advise you how to best take care of it. An implant overdenture, for example, will require different care to a single tooth implant with a crown on top. The longevity of these options will also vary. The implant itself however, could last a lifetime.

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is the best way to prolong the life of your implants, and attend frequent visits with your dentist who can assess the implant clinically and radiographically via scans and x-rays.

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