Cost of Dental Implants

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For many people considering serious dental surgery the price is a vital factor to consider. It may affect not only the place or dentist you choose to perform your surgery but what kind of treatment course to take. The final price that you are given will cover a number of things, and this section will explain some of the products, materials or treatments you may want to have included in the price. If you do not understand something with regards to the price that your dentist quotes you, or if it is not clear what is included, it is important to ask the questions you need to make a proper decision. Some dental clinics may advertise prices that do not contain the full service you would require (for example aftercare visits).

What will the price quoted usually include?

The most obvious treatment that you will be quoted for is the actual price of the dental implant itself, and the procedure to put the implant into the bone. Some dentists may quote just for this surgical procedure. Also included may be the cost of the abutment – the crown, bridge or denture that is going to be supported or held by the implant by a post. With an overdenture the bar that holds the denture to the implants may be included. Be sure to ask what parts of the fitting procedure are included in the cost.

If all the parts are included, you need to ask which fitting procedures are. While the price quoted will usually include the price of fitting the implant itself, it may not include the full restoration cost of fitting the crown, bridge or denture. The price per crown unit can vary greatly, from £300 to as much as £1000. Obviously this will greatly affect the overall price of your procedure so if the crown is not included in your quote make sure you are happy with the price of purchasing one additionally and that you find out what the differences in price entail.

What questions should I ask when I am getting a quote?

  • Does the price include the titanium dental implant?
  • Does the price include fitting the titanium dental implant?
  • Does the price include the fitting of the post and the abutment?
  • Does the price include the abutment itself, whether crown, bridge or denture?
  • Will I pay for each additional after care visit or will any visit relating to the procedure be included in the price?
  • If the implant does need to be removed or corrections need to be made will these be included in the price?
  • If the after care visits and any adjustments are not included in the price, how much are they likely to be?
  • Which brand of dental implant does the dental surgery use? There are different brands such as Straumann, Noble Biocare, Bicon or Astra and these differ in price so you may wish to ask if a cheaper implant is possible if you are looking to save on cost.

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