Evra Patch & Abortion/Miscarriage

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You are able to use the patch after an abortion or miscarriage depending on the length of your pregnancy and when your abortion or miscarriage was. It is important to remember that if you have experienced either an abortion or a miscarriage, your body will start ovulating again approximately ten days after the incident, therefore you are able to get pregnant within a relatively short time after your abortion or miscarriage.

If your pregnancy ended within the first trimester than you can use the contraceptive patch immediately and follow the cycle that is set out.  However, if you experience heavy bleeding then do not use the patch straight away. If you do not use the patch immediately after but decide a couple of days or weeks later that you want to use the contraceptive patch, then you can start your cycle but additional contraception will be needed such as a condom. You need to use extra protection for at least a week otherwise you will not be protected from pregnancy.
If you pregnancy ended within the second trimester then you are advised not to use the contraceptive patch any earlier than four weeks after the incident. A doctor may even advise you to wait for a longer period of time or use a different method of contraception altogether. This is because there is a greater risk of obtaining a blood clot, which can lead to blocked blood vessels, strokes and heart attacks.

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