Effects of the Evra Patch on Medications

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The Evra patch can have effects on other medications that you may be taking. It might cause them to be less effective or the medications may cause the patch to be less effective therefore you should tell your doctor if you are on any other medication. Medicines that can affect the effectiveness of the patch include:

  • Barbiturates
  • St Johns wort
  • Topamax
  • Tracleer
  • Felbamate
  • Lamictal
  • Fulvicin
  • Phenytoin

In general, it has been proven that most antibiotics do not affect the effectiveness of the patch. However, it is recommended that if you are taking Rifampicin, then you should use extra contraception, as you might not be fully protected from pregnancy.

Also, if you have taken the emergency contraceptive pill, then this can make the Evra patch ineffective. Therefore you should use another method of contraception for at least 2 weeks.

There are medications that are affected by the patch. For instance, if you are taking antiepilepsy drugs, the patch may antagonize their effects, causing you to have a higher risk of seizures. If you are taking medication to lower your blood sugar, then the patch may also affect these and cause an adverse effect. Similarly if you are taking medication to lower your blood pressure then the patch may antagonize this.  The contraceptive patch can also affect you if you are taking medication involved in losing fluid such as diuretics as it can make them less effective. If you have to take thyroid hormones, you may need an extra dosage of the medication as the patch can make them less effective. Your doctor will talk these effects through with you and will ultimately decide if the Evra patch is the best contraception for you or whether it will cause adverse effects on your body.

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