Who can Use the Evra Patch?

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The Evra patch can be quite a risky form of contraception for certain people so a doctor will evaluate whether you are right for the patch by looking at your medical history, your lifestyle and your families medical history. The following people will not be prescribed the patch as it is ineffective or is too much of a risk to their health:

  • Smokers- if you are over the age of 35 and smoke, you will not be given the contraceptive patch as smoking and the patch both increase your risk of blood clots. If you have smoked in the past but do not do so now then you may be allowed to use the patch depending on when you last smoked. If you are under 35 and smoke, you will have to stop smoking if you want to use the patch.
  • Pregnant women- The patch will have adverse effects on your baby and there’s no point using the contraception as you are already pregnant.
  • Breastfeeders- the patch can reduce your milk flow so it is not recommended if you are breast-feeding your child.
  • If you are overweight- The patch will not be effective if you weigh over 198 pounds.
  • Other medications- some medications can render the patch ineffective or the patch can stop the medications from working properly. These include Epilepsy medication, HIV treatment, some antibiotics and St John’s wort.

There are a number of conditions that can be aggravated by the contraceptive patch. If you have any of these of have experienced them in the past, then you will not be allowed to use the Evra patch:

  • Diabetes- The patch has adverse effects on medications that lower blood sugar.
  • Heart disease – The patch can raise your blood pressure and risk of blood clots.
  • High blood pressure- as mentioned, the patch can increase your blood pressure.
  • Liver problems or liver failure.
  • If you have a family history of young heart attacks or strokes you will not be prescribed the patch.
  • Breast cancer – Studies have shown that there is a small association between this form of cancer and the patch.
  • Migraines- Women who experience extremely painful migraines that include auras – where your vision is affected- will not be allowed to use the patch.

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