Evra Patch & Pregnancy/Breastfeeding

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The contraceptive patch is designed to protect you from pregnancy. However there is a 1% chance that you could fall pregnant or if you are not using the patch correctly, then there is a higher chance of pregnancy. If you are pregnant, or suspect that you may be, then it is important that you do not use the patch. This is because the hormones in the patch make your uterus an unfavorable place for a foetus to grow. Consult your doctor immediately if you are unsure of your situation.

Using the patch after birth

If you have just given birth you can use the contraceptive patch as a method of contraception 21 days after you have given birth. However if you are breast-feeding then you must not use the patch because the hormones released into your blood stream reduce your milk flow. Therefore, your body may not be able to produce enough milk to feed your newborn. It is advised to use the contraceptive patch after at least 6 months of breast-feeding or when your baby has been weaned. Your doctor will talk through your options with you as you can use barrier methods such as condoms for the mean time or abstain from sex.

Trying for a baby

The best thing about the contraceptive patch is that if you want to try for a baby, its effects are easily reversible. All you need to do is stop using the patch. You are best to finish your cycle of the patch before you stop using it and to experience one more cycle where you are patch free before you start trying for a baby. This ensures that you can work out the dates of conception easily and allows your menstrual cycle to return to normal. Do not worry if you experience a light period or no period at all as it may take a couple of cycles for your usual periods to return.

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