Evra Patch & Fertility

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A concern of some women is does the patch affect my fertility? Many women who use the patch want a family in the future so it is only natural that this question is asked. The answer is no, the contraceptive patch should not affect your fertility at all. The whole process is completely reversible and all you need to do is stop using this method of contraception. Your body should then return to its usual cycle. In fact, the contraceptive patch returns your fertility a lot faster than other contraceptions.

When you stop using the Evra patch, your body usually takes about one month to return to normal but it can take longer. Sometimes you will not experience a period for a couple of cycles but rest assured they will return in full force as there is no evidence that the patch causes infertility.

However, if you are overweight, it may take a while longer for your body to return to normal. This is because of the way the patch works. The hormones are absorbed through your skin and into your blood stream. However, adipose tissue, which is your fat cells, can absorb the hormones, especially oestrogen. It then releases it into your blood stream slowly. Therefore, even if you have stopped using the pill, you may still have a stream of the hormones circulating in your body, which will act as if the patch is releasing them. It may take up to six months after you have stopped using the patch for your body to return to normal.

If you are having trouble falling pregnant after using the patch, then your doctor should be your first point of call for they can analyze your situation and decide the best course of action.

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