Evra Patch on the NHS

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In the UK, the NHS provides free contraception and advice to anyone who wants it and there are a number of places that you can turn to that will help you. Most places do stock the contraceptive patch but there are a few that don’t so it is best to check via the NHS website. You can visit your local doctor who can either prescribe you the patch or direct you to a clinic that can. Any sexual health clinic or GUM clinic will also be able to help you out. If you can go to a family planning clinic or community contraceptive clinic, then you will probably get seen straight away without an appointment. All places are strictly confidential.

You will have a consultation with a registered doctor who will talk through your options with you and go over your family history. It is important that they know every detail of your history, what medication you are on and your lifestyle because some people are not suited for the contraceptive patch and are considered high risk.  They will also explain all the risks to you of the contraceptive patch and when to take it. You will probably be given three months worth of supply because you will need a checkup after this time period to ensure there are no adverse effects on your body. These clinics will also provide any STI testing and treatment if it is needed.

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