Is Thrush Contagious?

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Thrush is an infectious disease, so it is unfortunately contagious. However, the chances of spreading it are fairly minimal, especially if you get it treated quickly. Although it is not a sexually transmitted disease, it can be passed from partner to partner through sexual activity, including touching as well as intercourse. To minimise this risk, it is important to get yourself treated as soon as you can if you think you are suffering from thrush. It is advised to avoid sex until the infection is cleared up completely, as not only can you pass the infection on, but you may deter your treatment from working properly. Oral thrush can also be passed on from person to person through contact with the mouth.  

It is important to recognise that the thrush infection can be passed on through sexual intercourse, although it is not a sexually transmitted disease. The general lack of symptoms for many men can mean that it can be difficult for a woman to get rid of thrush once and for all, as after being treated, her partner is unknowingly re-infecting her. This can be overcome easily by ensuring both sexual partners have a check-up and are both treated as appropriate. It is normally advised by most medical professionals to avoid sexual relations until you have been treated for the infection and your symptoms have cleared up.

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