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Thrush can come in a variety of different forms. The most common development of thrush is vaginal thrush, and can be treated relatively quickly and easily in most cases. The two other forms of thrush are slightly less common, but are still relatively harmless and can be treated simply and efficiently. These are the development of the infection in men, and oral thrush.

The majority of the time, thrush is nothing to be worried about. Although it can be a huge inconvenience and make you feel uncomfortable within yourself, it does not usually cause any long term damage and can be treated in women either with tablets that you take orally, or with anti-thrush pessaries that are inserted into the vagina. In men, an anti-fungal cream is usually recommended, and for oral infections, there a variety of orally taken anti-fungal treatments, including tablets, powders, rinses, creams and lozenges.

If you think that you may have thrush, it is usually advised to go to your GP in order to get the infection diagnosed. With both men and women, the symptoms of thrush can be quite similar the symptoms experienced with some sexually transmitted diseases, so it’s important to establish exactly what you are experiencing. With vaginal thrush, if it is not your first bout of thrush, then it may be easier just to buy the treatment yourself from your local pharmacist. However, if you suffer from repeated occurrences of the infection, then you may need to inform your doctor. This is because repeated occurrences can be an instigator of further medical issues such as diabetes. Oral thrush and thrush in babies is always recommended to visit your GP, who can prescribe the most appropriate treatment for you specifically.

If you visit your nearest doctor, GUM clinic or sexual health clinics, then it is possible to get thrush treatment for free on the NHS. This does vary from practice to practice, so if you are looking into free treatment you should ask your doctor if they offer the free service before you go. If you suffer from repeated bouts of thrush, it may be worth while visiting one of these three places as although thrush treatments are not typically the most expensive treatments, they are not cheap, and the costs can soon add up.

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