Natural Alternative Treatments to Thrush

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As with many common illnesses and infections, there are always going to be a multitude of natural alternatives to medical treatments. Whether or not these treatments will be successful for you cannot be confirmed, and the only way to be 100% certain that you will be treated for the thrush infection is by visiting your doctor and taking the advised medication. However, some men and women have found the following treatments helpful in relieving the symptoms of thrush and in some cases, in actually treating the infection.

  • Bathing with tea tree essential oil. Drop one or two drops into the bathwater before bathing. The natural healing qualities of tea tree oil have been said to help with the irritation thrush can sometimes causes. You should be aware before you try this, however, that tea tree oil can also tend to aggravate the skin, causing yet further irritation. If you have used tea tree oil in the past, then you will more than likely be fine, and this natural remedy could help you. If you have ever suffered from skin irritation from using the natural oil, you should avoid trying this method.
  • Using live yogurt as a soothing cream. One common method of thrush treatment using live yogurt is to smear the yogurt over the skin of the vagina to help to sooth any soreness or irritation, and to insert it actually into the vagina. The yogurt can be inserted with your hands, but an easier method is to use a tampon. Smear the yogurt over the tampon before inserting it into your vagina, then insert as you would normally. Leave the tampon for about an hour before removing it. Although this method has no dangers or known side effects, it is important to recognise that this is not a medically approved treatment to get rid of thrush. Even if this method helps to ease some of the irritation, to fully get rid of the infection, you will most likely need to use medical treatments.

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