Quick Relief from Thrush

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The symptoms of thrush can be frustrating and unpleasant, and if left for long can start to affect your day to day life. While you are waiting to visit your doctor or get the treatment advised for your condition, there are a few natural remedies which are supposed to offer a quick relief to some of the more irritating symptoms of thrush. These are not proved however, so are not guaranteed. They are also not cures to the infection. If you are suffering from thrush it is always best to get treated with medically approved treatments.

Four of the most common quick relief remedies include smearing live yogurt over the affected area, and leaving it for around an hour, having a bath with one to two drops of tea tree oil in the water, eating garlic or applying garlic to the infected area and applying organic apple cider vinegar to the area. These are very natural remedies and have not been approved by medical professionals. Although the ingredients are natural and there will be no harm in trying them, do not pin your hopes on these treatments relieving your symptoms of thrush. If you are suffering from particularly bad symptoms it is important that you visit your doctor or pharmacy.

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