Symptoms of Thrush

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Thrush has several symptoms that are quite easily identifiable. Although many people who suffer from thrush will notice some symptoms, it is possible that you might not suffer from symptoms severe enough to notice at all. The severity of symptoms will also differ from person to person, with some people suffering very badly, and others only experiencing very slight symptoms. If you are suffering any kind of symptoms however, it is important that you do get treated, as leaving thrush can often result in the infection becoming steadily worse and possibly much more difficult to get rid of. Although it is possible that the infection clears up naturally through your body fighting off the infection, this may take a longer period of time than a medical treatment, thus prolonging any irritation and inconvenience.

Thrush discharge

One of the primary symptoms of thrush that many women, and men, will experience when suffering from the thrush infection is discharge. The discharge caused by thrush is different in many cases, and can be creamy white in colour, very thick and be heavily produced. On the other hand, it can be watery and only a very little amount. The main thing you will notice is a change in the regular amount of discharge you experience, the consistency and the colour. Discharge as a symptom of thrush is nothing to worry about, and can sometimes be a useful indicator to the infection. The discharge does not usually smell, but can cause you some discomfort, especially itching or soreness around the outside of the vagina.

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