Snoring During Pregnancy

Snoring is a common discomfort during pregnancy, and can be a completely isolated occurrence and something you might not have experienced before, or indeed again after. Weight gain during pregnancy may cause constriction of the upper airway, and turbulence in the passages at the back of the throat. Some of this excess fat will be stored in the throat and neck and will collect as soft tissue your airways, producing a narrowing. The increased blood flow throughout your body during pregnancy, needed to nourish you and your baby, will induce your blood vessels to expand. As they begin expand in you airways the mucous membranes are forced to expand as well, this added mucous can obstruct the passageways of your nose and throat and make breathing difficult.

Dangers of Snoring During Pregnancy

Links between snoring and pregnancy complications do exist, particularly in relation to hypertension. During pregnancy a woman’s breathing patterns change due to higher blood pressure and pressure on the primary breathing muscle, the diaphragm, as the baby grows inside the uterus. This consequently causes constriction in the airway walls and an increased chance of vibration. Taken into account alongside the element of added stress, the change in sleeping pattern, and increased blood flood, snoring becomes a understandable and commonplace side-affect during pregnancy.

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