Stress & Snoring

Snoring and stress can affect one another adversely. Stress during the day at work, in the home or in relationships will result in the release of hormones like cortisol, GH and norepinephrine can unsettle our sleeping patterns and in term give rise to further stress. Regardless of the reasons for stress, it can lead to a self-perpetuation and have serious implications upon our health and lifestyles. As well as being frustrating and isolating, stress can cause weight gain and cause us problems when trying to sleep. Weight gain, especially around the throat and neck will have an affect on the physical nature of snoring habits, as tissue builds up in the airways allowing vibration to occur. But snoring is also, commonly a sign of poor sleeping patters, and will not allow us to receive a full night’s rest. This of course is a self-perpetuating circle, but by attempting to reduce stress during the day we might make our sleep more comfortable and in turn reduce the likelihood of snoring. To reduce stress before bedtime, it is important to relax, allowing your body to calm down and become ready to sleep.

By altering your sleeping environment you might also help to influence the breaking of this stress-snore cycle and hopefully reduce both in parallel.

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