Throat Exercises for Snoring

Snoring is often caused in the overweight or elderly by weak throat muscles, which relax during sleep and allow air to vibrate in the upper airway. By exercising these muscles you can build up strength in them and reduce their collapse during the REM stage of your sleep. Some easy forms of exercise include clenching your teeth, to stretch the neck muscles, once you feel them tighten hold this position for a couple of minutes to help strengthen them. Another method involves putting pressure backwards on your chin, this will tense the muscles in the side of the throat, in the same way that pushing back on your bottom row of teeth will.

If these exercises are repeated before you sleep, without purposefully straining your muscles too much, you will be able to increase the strength of them and reduce the likelihood of collapse at night. Obviously the more you exercise in general the more strong the muscles around your neck will become, as the whole body begins to turn is fat into muscles. Neck and chin toners can help in this tightening process, but are useful only to those who are looking to lose weight in general.

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