Problems with Surgery for Snoring

Though surgery may be the first port of call for many people suffering from snoring problems, it should not be. You must be prepared to try many techniques before quitting, turning to a doctor and asking them to solve your habit. It is important to remember that all surgery is exploratory, and in no way exact.

Does Snoring Surgery Work?

Snoring is often caused by a multitude of different factors, tissue in different areas, blockages throughout the airway, or a combination of these. For many patients then surgery has an impact to begin with, but this diminishes with time, as the old, untreated areas causing snoring replenish and return to haunt them. Each person’s snoring habit is so different that often, no single surgical operation can put right the snoring habit.


In general the side-effects of surgery include, painful scarring, follow up procedures and time consuming check-ups, possible change in speed, alteration in taste, the possibility of haemorrhaging, persistent dry mouth, post-operative infection and uncomfortable ear pain. If these side-effects are combined with low success rates of the operations that herald them, you may want to reconsider the implications of surgery. It is important therefore to make sure surgery is your last option, and that your snoring cannot be altered, lessened or eliminated by any other means, before you go ahead with it. Many patients on the other hand have had successful snoring surgery and eradicated their problem snoring and are able to sleep well without disturbance. Your surgeon should advice you on the best options for you and from there you should be able to make an informed decision.

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