Fat Reduction Surgery for Snoring

Some private sleep clinics offer liposuction based surgeries to patients who have usual amounts of fat around their necks, in relation to the rest of their bodies, and those who find it difficult to lose weight - of course this is charged at a premium.


During Lipolysis of the neck and chin, a laser if often used to minimise damage to the surrounding area, this laser effectively melts the fat around the area. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and a fine fibre optic tube is inserted underneath the skin, through which a low-level energy laser is inserted. The fat melts and forms an oily substance which is reabsorbed into the body over the course of a few weeks post-operation. The effect of the laser also helps the build up on collagens in the area, which tightens the skin. Lipolysis might be an expensive, but an effective procedure to stop snoring, if the habit is caused primarily by excess fat and tissue in the neck and throat. Lipolysis can cost anywhere above £1,800 depending upon the amount of work needed to be carried out.

Side-Effects of Lipolysis

Normally patients can return to regular activities the following day and only minor swelling, slight bruising and soreness should be expected. In some cases small lumps can be felt in the area, but these are invisible, painless and will disappear over time.

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