Palatal Stiffening Surgery for Snoring (CAPSO)

CAPSO uses electrocautery (heat conducted through a metal probe) to burn the soft palate and/or the uvula. The surgery results in fibrosis and the formulation of a scar along the palate, which in turn causes the stiffening of the area, so that during sleep, and while breathing it is less likely to be affected by turbulence. The surgery is performed in a single session under local anaesthetic, and is less intrusive than both UPPP and LAUP, meaning there are less subsequent complications.

Side-Effects of Palatal Stiffening Surgery

Unfortunately the discomfort in the mouth after the operation is as severe as that of UPPP and LAUP, and like the latter, the procedure may need to be carried out on numerous occasions to reach the looked for effect upon the patient’s snoring. Also some argue that the initial effects of the surgery diminishes after months and years, according to research conducted amongst post-operative patients.

Benefits of Palatal Stiffening Surgery

Like LAUP, CAPSO is performed under local anaesthetic but in contrast often only in one sitting. In comparison with UPPP and LAUP it is a far less invasive surgery with apparently longer lasting results and satisfaction. The operation can be carried out numerous times to reach the effect most beneficial to the patient.

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