Your Sleeping Position & Snoring

Your sleeping position, particularly if this involves lying on your back, has a direct relation to snoring, as your throat muscles are more likely to collapse in this supine position. Attempting to sleep on your side, reduces the chance that you will open your mouth and breath through it during your sleep, and can have a huge impact on your snoring habits. A trick to force yourself to sleep on your side might be to place something underneath your clothes at the back, a tennis ball for example, that will make you roll over in your sleep. Though most snorers breath through their mouth and nose, this technique can at least reduce the loudness of your snore, if not completely dispel it.

Ways to Alter your Sleeping Position

One simple way to alter your sleeping position is to place something under your chin, for example your hand, an extra pillow, or a rolled up sock. This action will help to prop up you chin, and firm up the muscles in your neck, stopping them from collapsing and thus will keep your airway clear, so that any excess tissue in the throat cannot vibrate and produce a snore.

Another technique would be to place a pillow underneath the small of your back, this raises your abdomen, expands the space in the lungs, and for some snorers can alter their snoring habits.

Elevating the head off your bed, and in turn raising your neck and head can help to free the upper airway at the back of your throat, allowing you to breath clearly throughout the night. This can be accomplished by placing materials, like bricks or books under the mattress at the head of the bed and raising it up, in the same way the use of more pillows underneath a sheet can elevate your neck and produce the same affects.

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