Laser Tonsillectomy for Snoring

For those whose snoring is related to inflammation in their tonsils, or elongation in that area then laser tonsillectomy, the removal or reduction of the tonsils with a laser, might be the best option. Laser tonsillectomy, or laser tonsil ablation takes around 20 minutes to complete using a local anaesthetic. A small laser is used to vaporise the surface of the tonsils, which reduces their size and kills infection. Often laser tonsillectomy will only be used when the tonsils are in need of removal due to tonsillitis, not because of their effects on snoring. If you are found to snore because of the size of your tonsils, you are most likely susceptible to tonsillitis in the long term, a private clinic can carried out this procedure for around £2,000 including examination and follow-up.

Side-Effects of Laser Tonsillectomy

Other than a mild sore throat immediately after the operation, laser tonsillectomy is a relatively painless experience and can mean you can return to work, normally, the next day.

Benefits of Laser Tonsillectomy

Laser tonsillectomy is a relatively quick procedure, conducted under a local anaesthetic. If your snoring is caused by inflammation of the tonsils, you are likely to also suffer from infections and tonsillitis on a regular occasion. Having your tonsils removed can help to reduce snoring while at the same time avoiding the infections that cause such discomfort.

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