Injection Snoreplasty for Snoring

Not in fact a surgical procedure, snoreplasty is carried out under local anaesthetic and involves your doctor injecting a sclerosing, or hardening, agent into your upper palate just in front of the uvula. The effect of this agent is to blister the skin in the region, which then hardens and forms a scar, which in turns pulls the uvula and soft palate forward to free the airway and reduce vibration. Like other procedures snoreplasty may require return visits to the doctor for repeat sessions to reach the desired effect. In American Injection Snoreplasty costs around £200 ($300) per injection, dependent upon which clinic you choose to attend.

Injection snoreplasty is in its infancy, and the amount of hardening agent required has nor been regulated as yet, with the use of too much unnecessarily destroying soft palate tissue, while if too little is used the injection can have little or no effect at all. Unlike, Somnoplasty, LAUP, CAPSO or UPPP, snoreplasty has few long term side effects, and is relatively painless in comparison, but is not at the time readily available in the UK.

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