Natural, Alternative & Homeopathic Remedies for Snoring

Natural and alternative remedies for snoring exist throughout the world, some being fairly new and others traditional.

Hot Drinks & Herbal Teas

A simple and traditional form of treatment is by drinking a hot drink before bedtime, combining this drink with a small amount of honey can help lubricate the throat and lessen the chance of vibration in the airway during sleep. The steam from the drink will also help to unclog airways by ventilating and humidifying the nasal passages, thus increasing the likelihood you will breath well through your nose once asleep. Herbal teas work in the same way, especially those indicating their use as decongestants. Some include herbs like chamomile which relaxes the body and helps you to sleep, reducing the stress which may be associated with your snoring habit. Conversely though teas that relax you too much may only exaggerate the problem, especially if you snore due to excess, vibrating tissue and weak throat muscles.

Reduce Stress, Reduce Snoring

Stress is often a related cause of snoring, and vice versa. The stress created during the day can affect the way you sleep at night, and by not sleeping well this problems is accentuated until it forms a self-perpetuating cycle. By finding ways to relax before you sleep, your body can become ready to rest, this may include herbal remedies or such things as going to bed earlier, and setting a sleeping routine. As you begin to control and lessen your snoring habit the effectiveness of your sleep will increase, and reduce the day time sleepiness which may be causing you stress. 

Homeopathic & Aromatherapy Treatments

Homeopathic theory is the understanding that the body has an innate self-healing function, and homeopathic medicine intends to help the body on its way to self-healing. Much of the time homeopathic treatments for snoring involve decongestion, in much the same way that nasal and throat sprays work. Aromatherapy remedies to help a snoring habit include the rubbing of peppermint oil or marjoram oil around the bottom of the nasal passages to act as a decongestant, to using a combination anti-snoring pill which contains plant enzymes an herbs which break down body secretions such as mucous, reducing congestion, and leaving airways free flowing. Often suffering snorers will use a combination of homeopathy, aromatherapy and conventional medicines in fighting a snoring habit because such treatments as oils also help them to relax.

Diet & Choice of Foods

Certain foods are reported by some snorers to help in the toning of the trachea and thus the strengthening of the throat, and thus alleviate some of the noise during sleep. These food stuffs include thyme, horseradish, onions and garlic.

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