Tongue Suspension Procedure for Snoring

Another form of non-invasive surgery used for people who suffer from tongue based snoring is known as tongue suspension. The aim of tongue suspension is to stabilise the base of the tongue so that it is impossible for it to fall backwards during sleep and thus stop it from causing turbulence in the upper airway. During the procedure a titanium screw is inserted into the lower jaw at the bottom of the mouth to which the tongue is attached with a suture, this holds the tongue in place once it relaxes during the sleeping hours.

Tongue suspension takes roughly 20 minutes and can be carried out alongside UPPP, LAUP, or a tonsillectomy.

Side-Effects of Tongue Suspension

Unfortunately tongue suspension takes a long time to heal in comparison with other non-invasive surgeries, at up to two weeks, but other than irritation causes few side effects.

Benefits of Tongue Suspension

As a typical non-invasive surgery tongue suspension takes a short amount of time to complete at only around 20 minutes, with minimal side effects and discomfort to the patient. If the collapsing of your tongue during sleep is shown to be the primary cause of your snoring, tongue suspension will be able to drastically reduce this habit.

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