Sleeve Gastrectomy Abroad

One of the options available to you is to go abroad for surgery, this is often one of the most appealing options as it can offer a saving of around 30% as opposed to UK prices, usually people find they a save a few thousand pound if they go abroad for surgery. You will be required to meet specific requirements which the clinic or country you choose will set out; often these requirements are slightly more lenient to those asked of you in the UK. International guidelines do however request that surgery is considered on similar guidelines to those that the UK set out. You will also need to research into what types of aftercare are available to you if you choose surgery abroad, as well as whether the surgeon you choose is qualified, to ensure your safety at all times make sure that you research thoroughly and have as much contact with the clinic as physically possible.

How do I qualify for surgery abroad?

As the requirements will vary country to country you should research into this thoroughly to ensure that the clinic you choose is conducting surgery safely. Most clinics will follow international guidelines, which are similar to those set out in the UK which are:

  • High BMI of above 40
  • Past attempts at weight loss being unsuccessful
  • An attitude which demonstrates commitment to changing your weight.

With this type of surgery usually your BMI should be higher than 40, most clinics will only conduct this surgery if you are unable to have other types of weight loss surgery, for example if you have anaemia or Chron’s disease you will be considered or if your BMI is extremely high usually above 50 or 60.  The guidelines are similar to those set out in the UK, however some clinics abroad may be slightly more lenient when considering your case, you should be wary of this however as the guidelines are there for your safety overall.

How do I pay for surgery in another country?

As it is hard for you to consult with the clinic abroad and for them to communicate with you, payment is often requested prior to your visit. Usually you need to pay the full amount around 28 days before you leave the UK, you will need to ensure however what you are paying for, whether it is just the procedure, or whether it includes airfare or accommodation – or even both. Usually clinics provide this information on their website, or by request over email or a telephone call.  You will also need to determine what aftercare you receive from the payment, and how the aftercare will be delivered to you in your home country, is there a clinic in the UK which represents the clinic abroad, so in case of emergency you have somewhere to go? Or do you have to wait for a specialist to visit the UK on a regular basis before you can be seen? This is why it is extremely important to know 100% what you pay for and what the package includes so you are aware prior to and after the operation.

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