Pain from Sleeve Gastrectomy

Pain is something which can be expected from any surgery and is associated with this type of surgery. It is rare that anything can be done to eliminate the pain completely; however you will receive support and medication to ensure that the pain is bearable. As well as this support you should ensure that you know what pain you may experience, and you prepare yourself. You will during your stay in hospital receive medical assistance with this pain, once discharged you will have access to prescribed medicines, however you should ensure that you have family and friends around you to ensure you have a strong support team to assist throughout.

What type of pain will I experience?

You may experience pain from Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery caused by a number of things, your surgical wounds may cause some pain from healing, and however your nurse will check the healing of them and ensure that nothing is causing infection. You may also experience slight stomach cramps as your stomach heals to its new size, this could also be caused by leaking, this is one of the most common complications which means that the digestive juices leak out through the staple gaps on your ‘new’ stomach, this will need to corrected through additional surgery. You may also experience some discomfort through the stomach cramps, as it may also cause you bloating, excessive wind, diarrhoea, and nausea; which can also occur when you are coming round from surgery.

How can the pain be reduced?

You will stay in hospital between 1 and 2 days, during this stay you will have access to prescribed pain relief if the specialist nurses feel it is necessary. You will also be prescribed with any medication that you require when you are discharged from hospital, so you can deal with the pain at home. You will also be given various different types of guidance to ensure your recovery is as pain free as can be. You will have support from the specialist team at the clinic, and they will assist you with eating healthily and dealing with the types of lifestyle change you are about to deal with. You should also ensure that you have support from family and friends, as some pain may not he treatable you should just prepare yourself and make sure you are ready to deal with anything which may occur, and that you have a strong support group around you. Overall this well ensure that you are prepared to deal with the pain which your procedure might cause you, and it should also ensure that if the pain is caused by any type of complication you will be ready to deal with this, and you will be ready to take fast action to ensure that the complications are dealt with swiftly and effectively.

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