Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgeons

It is a regular occurrence to feel nervous about your surgery many are unsure as to what they should look for to determine that the surgeon who will conduct your Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure is qualified. This can vary across the world, so if you are considering surgery abroad you may have to conduct extra research into this area to ensure you know everything. You can of course ask your surgeon any questions you feel necessary which relate to his qualifications, but you will also need to look at past experience, often just as important as qualifications. All surgeons be it in the UK or abroad will require a medical degree, and they will also need to have studied for a specific amount of time within a specific area, here it will need to be weight loss surgery, or within Sleeve Gastrectomys. As well as qualifications and experience surgeons will be registered with specific organisations and associations, often the more associations they are registered with is a sign that they have had more experience, however don’t let that fool you ensure that you ask your surgeon and the specialist team specific questions.

What should I look for?

You should ensure that you are able at some point to question your surgeon on the subject of qualifications and experience, whether you choose surgery in the UK or abroad. It is often easier within the UK as most private health care clinics will offer you a free consultation, and of course the price of a consultation will be covered if your surgery is to be completed on the NHS. If your surgery is to take place abroad you may be able to correspond with your surgeon via the telephone or in an email, and often a specialist team member from the abroad clinic will visit the UK regularly, you can make an appointment with them, however they are usually charged on average at around £100 for the consultation. Any surgeon here or abroad will need to have studied for a medical degree for a number of years, and will also have experience within the weight loss surgery field, it is best that you go for a surgeon who has a lot of experience with Sleeve Gastrectomys – this may reduce the risk of any complications occurring with the procedure. Once you have determined the amount of experience the surgeon has, as well as perhaps where they studied, and how long for, you can find out then what associations they are registered with. Within the UK it is extremely important that your surgeon is registered on the Specialist Register for Plastic Surgeons they will have a number given to them by The British Medical Council for this. They can also be a member of any of the following:

  • The British Medical Association
  • The Association of Endoscopic Surgeons (UK and Ireland)
  • The British Obesity Surgery Society
  • The International Federation for Obesity Surgery
  • The Association of Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeons

Surgeons abroad will also need to be registered with specific associations some of these include:

  • The Italian Society of Cosmetic Surgery
  • The National Association of Doctors
  • Ministry of Education and Science
  • Scientific Society

These associations are just a few of those that Surgeons must or can be registered with, it helps if you are able to discuss this with your surgeon prior to choosing them fo your procedure. This will ensure your safety as well as confidence throughout.

What questions should I ask my Surgeon?

You should create a list of questions you would like to ask your surgeon, this will ensure that you are confident and that your surgeon is the most suited for your operation.  These questions can be asked during a consultation or can be addressed over the telephone at most clinics in the UK or abroad. You should research as to how you will contact your specific surgeon or specialist team especially if you choose to go abroad. Some people find it best to draw up a list of questions they would like answered and them present them to your chosen or prospective surgeon. Some questions include:

  • Where did you study for your medical degree?
  • How long have you been qualified?
  • How many Sleeve gastrectomys have you performed?
  • Have any complications ever occurred?
  • How would you deal with any complications?
  • What associations are you registered with?
  • Are your specialist team fully qualified too?
  • Why are you the best surgeon for me?

As well as ensuring the surgeon and their specialist team who will support you throughout are fully qualified and have ample experience, you must ensure that you actually like your surgeon and specialist team. This will of course help with your confidence in the procedure, as well as the support you receive afterwards.

What if I’m unable to contact the surgeon prior to the operation?

Most clinics in the UK will offer you free consultations and it is recommended that you attend as many as possible to ensure you get the best deal and service you require. However sometimes for people who choose to go abroad for surgery, it is often the case that consultations are not held until you are in the country, leaving it sometimes late to change your mind. Some clinics offer a chargeable consultation within the UK, and this is an option worth looking into as you can directly ask a representative of the clinic, or sometimes even the surgeon themselves. If still you are unable to do this you can visit the clinics website and usually they offer a telephone or email service to contact members of the team. Most websites across the UK and abroad also have profiles of the surgeons who operate at that clinic; this usually lists a brief experience history as well as listing appropriate qualifications. This is something will be able to view free of charge, and you can use this information to draw up your own profiles on each surgeon you think would do a good job, you can then compare any information you have to ensure you choose the best.

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