Sleeve Gastrectomy Benefits

As with all weight loss surgery you will benefit from the surgery itself, however this type of surgery requires dedication and determination from the individual. This means that to ensure you are the most beneficial from the surgery you must follow strict advice given to you during the full procedure process, this will mean that you achieve the best results possible.

Weight Loss Benefits

As Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery is often used as a 2-part surgery; meaning that it is usually offered to individuals with an extremely high BMI, typically around 50 or above, as a weight loss method, which will get them to a healthy weight so that they are able to undergo a second operation usually being a gastric bypass, or duodenal switch surgery. As the procedure removes around 80% of your stomach the hormone which causes the feeling of hunger is removed as well, reducing the amount of food you feel you need to consume. Most individuals will find that they lose between 50-80% of their excess weight over the first 12 months. If you have undergone this type of weight loss surgery as part of a 2 part surgery, usually within 12-18 months you will be ready for your second operation.

Medical Benefits

Patients with a lower BMI of above 40 will often be offered this type of surgery if they suffer from anaemia or Crohn’s disease as it is known that this type of weight loss surgery is the best at either improving these conditions or ensuring they do not worsen. Any type of weight loss surgery is also known to improve medical problems linked to obesity, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnoea, infertility and back conditions – amongst others. It has been known that these conditions will either be eliminated or at the least you will experience a definite improvement.

Other Benefits

For starters once Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery has been completed, and you begin to lose weight and follow a healthier diet, as well as partake in regular exercise, your quality of life will improve substantially. As your digestive system is altered less than other surgeries do, there is a reduced risk of various complications occurring, the intestines are left as usual and only the stomach is altered, again reducing specific risks.

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