Results of Sleeve Gastrectomy

It is of upmost importance that when considering any type of weight loss surgery – including the sleeve gastrectomy, that you ensure that you are fully ready to change your lifestyle. A lot of the results are up to you to achieve, especially if you wish to achieve the highest amount of weight loss possible. As this type of surgery is often used for patients with a very high BMI, as a process of 2 surgeries you may be required to demonstrate this determination and motivation for much longer than other individuals. You will of course not be left alone to deal with achieving the results, you will have specialist assistance, and you will be assessed to assure that you are capable of achieving the best results from this specific surgery.


Some statistics show that within the first 24 months you will lose between 50-80% of your excess weight, if this occurs you will of course only need to have the sleeve gastrectomy procedure as it will show that it alone has been successful in reducing your weight substantially. This is becoming more and more common with this type of surgery, so you may only need to undergo one procedure. However other statistics show that within 2 years only 30% of excess weight can be lost, therefore this could mean that after losing this 30% you are at a healthier weight to undergo a gastric bypass or duodenal switch procedure. Of course the weight loss is dependent on your actions, and if you follow a healthy balanced diet strictly, and reduce you food take as well as partake in regular exercise you will lose the most amount of weight as physically possible.

What should I do to ensure that I achieve the best results?

Prior to your operation you will attend numerous consultations with many different specialists, these specialists will at all times offer you support and advice throughout the procedure. You will be given dietrary advice from a dietician, and you will be required to draw up various diet plans to maximise your weight loss throughout, as well as to ensure your body still received the nutrients it requires. You will have access to a specialist medical team, who throughout will ensure your health and safety and ensure your recovery is as swift and successful as physically possible. You will also have access to a psychologist who will support you mentally and will help you to cope with the drastic life change that will come of the surgery. All of the team are there for you and you should at any time feel that you can talk with them, you will also need to ensure you have support of the people around you, make sure that family and friends can offer you support and that you feel comfortable enough around them. If you use the support available to you and demonstrate the right attitude through motivation and determination you will recover as fast and healthily as possible.

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