New Nose Job in Ten Minutes

Under the knife nose jobs could be a thing of the past as all new injections of cosmetic filler could correct your nose in just ten minutes. Originally used for sporting injuries, injections containing a mix of hyaluronic acid and water act as fillers, straightening out nose shapes.

If this form of cosmetic surgery does take off, people who are seeking nose jobs will be paying less than a tenth of what they would have paid should they go under the knife. A normal surgery costs around £3,500 and can take around six weeks for the patient to completely recover and see the benefits. With this new procedure, it could be completed for only £300 and the benefits will be seen almost immediately. The injections will last several seconds and anaesthetic gel is all that is needed to numb the area.

Whilst this may seem like a fantastic new opportunity for all those people who seek a transformed nose, it does come with warnings. The procedure can only change the shape of the nose, not the size. Equally, the procedure comes with health warnings as it is not fully understood what the longterm effects of the injections could be. As the filler is made of a mix of fluids and mixes with water and collegen when underneath the skin, it is a synthetic form of the acid and eventually the body will reject this and break it down. This means that the filler will only last for a year or so and the procedure will need repeating should the patient desire this.

However, with further scientific tests and investigations, this procedure could revolutionise the ‘nose job’ as we know it.

Friday 11th September 2009

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