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Botox Training Fears

The Independent Healthcare Advisory Service has warned that people with less than half a day’s training could be administering the facial filler botox to unwitting patients. The regulator claims that lack of stringent regulation is allowing beauty therapists and hairdressers to carry out the wrinkle filling procedure without proper training. Health experts are concerned that lack of surgical training could jeopardize patients’ health and may

Office Workers Look Older

A top plastic surgeon has warned that spending your day in front of a computer could cause drooping jowls and deep set wrinkles that age the face. According to the Daily Mail, Harley Street consultant Dr Michael Prager has warned that a growing number of working professionals seemed to be developing signs of premature following long days spent frowning or squinting at their computer screens.

Athletes Heal Well After Knee Tissue Transplants

Athletes who have knee tissue transplants to repair bone and cartilage knee injuries are likely to successfully return to professional sports, according to a new report. The new research overturns previous medical opinion that suggested a return to athletic was unlikely following serious injury.

Virginity Repair Surgery Demand Soars

The number of women undergoing NHS-funded hymen replacement operations has soared during the last four years, according to official figures released by the health service. The figures echo reports that demand for the cosmetic procedure has soared in private clinics, particularly among Muslim women.

Growing Buzz About New Anti-Ageing Procedure

Cosmetic experts are buzzing about a popular new treatment that uses electrical currents to reduce the appearance of age. The anti-ageing treatment exercises facial muscles and stimulates the production of collagen in the skin which, cosmetic surgeons claim, makes the face appear fuller and much more youthful. But - to the surprise of many, the treatment comes in the form of a pot of cream for home-use and is not a clinic-based electrical facelift.

Emotionally Uptight Botox

People using botox to freeze out wrinkles could run the risk of become emotionally cold, researchers claim. Experts explain that the wrinkle filler could leave people feeling cold as they are unable to fully exercise their facial muscles to naturally express emotion.

Designer Dimples in Demand

Demand for “designer dimples” seems to be growing as surgeons report that more British women are undergoing the knife in a quest to copy Cheryl Cole’s trademark smile. Cosmetic surgeons claim that up to 11% more women have enquired about the ‘dimpleplasty’ procedure in the past 8 weeks alone. However, experts earn that the procedure could cause permanent and undesirable facial scarring.

Breast Implant Scare

Thousands of British women could be at risk after dangerous breast implants were used in their breast enlargement surgery, doctors warn. It is feared that up to 50,000 women could have been given implants containing a type of silicon that has not undergone safety tests and may have a faulty lining that could leak harmful substances into the body. Doctors are urging women who have recently had their breasts enlarged to contact their surgeons and query the implants used in their surgery.

Human Collagen Grown from Tobacco

Scientists in Israel claim to have grown ‘human’ collagen cells using genetically modified tobacco plants in a medical first that could change anti-ageing cosmetic surgery. The popular dermal filler is usually sourced from animals including pigs and cattle. However, researchers claim that tobacco plants can be used to grow replica human collagen cells that could be used in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Fast Food Facial Filler

A type of algae used to preserve fast food treats including ice cream and pies has found a new application - as an anti-ageing facial filler. The natural algae is used as an ingredient in the shaping agent Novabel which is growing in poularity with middle aged and older women who are opting for anti-ageing cosmetic surgery. The natural sea algae derived filler can be used to fill lines and to re-contour cheekbones.

Laser Liposuction Under Scrutiny

Medical experts are preparing to meet and discuss the benefits and negatives of 'fat melting' laser assisted liposuction. The meeting, called "Laser Lipoplasty - Hype or Useful Tool?" will investigate the safety and effectiveness of the popular body contouring procedure, following growing concern over safety and training issues. The treatment is currently the second most popular cosmetic surgery in the Us and is growing in popularity in the UK.

New Breast Reconstruction Options

Reconstructive surgeons are beginning to use excess fat from the back and waist to reconstruct breasts in slim women who have had mastectomies. Surgeons at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine in Maryland claim that Slim women with athletic builds do not usually have enough fat around their stomachs to successfully reconstruct their breasts but do tend to have enough excess fat or 'love handles' around the waist and hips. The surgeons have now started using this tissue to improve the cosmetic appearance of reconstructed breasts in slim women.

Boob Jab Health Warning

New research warns that breast enlargement injections could be hazardous to health. The 45 minute cup boosting procedure, often called a “boob jab”, involves injecting Macrolane gel into the breast tissue. Results are instant and can last up to 18 months.

Research gives a new angle on anti-ageing surgery

New research produced by the University of Rochester Medical Centre is set to change the way that plastic surgeons approach anti-ageing cosmetic facial surgery in future. The interesting research, published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, shows that the shape of facial bones changes naturally with age and can directly cause the face and neck areas to appear significantly older.

Bone Structure Changes the New Ageing Culprit

The ageing process is often defied by people using plastic surgery methods to reduce the age of their appearance.  Often this has included botox or other treatments that target the skins surface and smoothes out wrinkles.  However, new research at the University of Rochester (US) by surgery resident Robert Shaw, M.D. and Howard N. Langstein, M.D. has suggested that this might not be the main problem, and instead larger bone changes are the main cause of ageing. 

Beauty Really is More Than Skin Deep

Unfortunately, the classic saying which many of us use or have heard, that beauty is only skin deep, really isn’t that true according to the latest report by L’Oréal. The report is published in the latest edition of Chemical and Engineering News and links beauty traits to molecules deep within our bodies.

Irish Teens in Age Dysmorphia

According to a new study, Irish teenagers are joining in with the worldwide phenomena of age dysmorphia that is beginning to affect increasing amounts of teenagers. In an attempt for perfection hundreds of young twenty-something’s are going under the knife, and are even taking it to an extreme with surgery binges in which they undergo more than one surgery at a time.

Migraine Headaches Helped By Botox

This months edition of the Archives of Dermatology reveals how the drug that is used within Botox procedures, (Botulinum toxin type A) can in fact reduce the intensity of headaches that are described as ocular or imploding. The study investigated a small group of migraine suffering patients who were undergoing Botox to their face and found a promising correlation between the easing off of migraines with the injections of Botox.

Man Boob Operations Rocket

Surveys and audits conducted within the plastic surgery industry revealed that the industry as a whole had seen little affects of the recession which is surprising enough. However, this latest audit conducted by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has revealed that the biggest rise in cosmetic surgery comes from the removal of “moobs” “man boobs” or more scientifically, gynecomastia.

Plump lips & a pout are the key to looking younger

Well ladies, it appears that grey hair, wrinkles and general signs of age can all be eradicated with plump lips and a pout. In research conducted internationally at seven top universities they found that not only do plump lips provide the most predominant feature to help you look longer, but also investigated just why our lips can become shrunken with age.

Award for Top Cosmetic Surgeries of 2009

The UK’s cosmetic surgery giants The Harley Medical Group have released their official statistics as to what surgeries proved the most popular throughout 2009. It has already been commented upon that despite the economic climate, the cosmetic surgery industry has seen little effects. Chairman of The Harley Medical Group, Mel Braham, hopefully expects a further 20% increase in non-surgical treatments throughout 2010.

Christmas Cosmetic Climb

Before Christmas we saw the controversial news surrounding the UK’s biggest cosmetic surgeons, Transform, and their seasonal offers guaranteeing patients who booked before Christmas a reduced price on not one but two surgeries. Healthcare professionals were up in arms over the company’s incentive to have two surgeries, but it appears the cosmetic surgery giants have walked out of Christmas victorious.

Rhinoplasty is given a 3-D edge

Leading U.S facial plastic surgeon, Samieh (Sam) Rizk has adopted a technique which has been around for years in the industrial industry and has designed a technology to help the precision of facial surgery. He has developed a 3-D endoscopic system which helps him to preserve tissues and muscles within the nose as the system allows him to visualize the intranasal anatomy clearer. He prides himself on giving the patient a natural look, one without the usual angular tips and with no damage to the airways.

Britain’s largest cosmetic surgery chain in ethics dispute over Christmas discounts

The Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group is the leading cosmetic surgery practitioners in the UK with over 60 clinics in total. However, their website recently offered the headline “Prepare to Dazzle” followed by an inviting promotion “For a limited time only, save on cosmetic surgery with £750 off any two surgical procedures” all before the end of this month. The surgery was promoted in order to “transform you in time for the party season” gimmicked the Let the Wow Start Now campaign. However, this campaign has received numerous backlashes and has been branded “unethical”.

Death of beauty queen casts shadow over cosmetic surgery industry

Former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano has died following a routine cosmetic surgery to firm her buttocks; Gluetoplasty. Following complications in the operation, Solange was rushed to hospital with breathing problems where she remained in intensive care until Sunday when she died of a pulmonary embolism (a blocked artery in her lung).

Cosmetic Surgery health warnings take a new turn

Whilst the news that cosmetic surgery is facing further questions and concerns doesn’t seem anything all that new; it does carry a rather poignant message when Neil Mercer, president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (the man who technically unites plastic surgeons) calls for the need for tighter regulations, deeming the cosmetic surgery industry a “mess”.

Can Scarring from Cosmetic Surgery be Erased?

Scarring is one of the biggest side-effects of most cosmetic surgeries, leaving a bitter reminder of what was and perhaps not fully removing the imperfection that the cosmetic surgery was supposed to perfect. Scars can disappear with time, but can also become more vivid and raised which could be an issue should the cosmetic surgery be in a visible place.

See Life Clearer with Eyelid Surgery

Whilst most cosmetic surgeries are generally thought of as exactly what their title suggests, “cosmetic”, it has been suggested by a recent study conducted at the American Academy of Otolaryngology..

Eyelash Transplant Surgeries for Madarosis

For many people who suffer from alopecia, trichotillomania and those receiving chemotherapy, madarosis is a frequent side-effect..

Warnings Against Cosmetic Surgery Holidays

With increasing news of cosmetic surgery and quicker and easier procedures, sceptics are beginning to warn against travelling abroad to receive cheaper cosmetic surgeries.

Love Handles, what Love Handles?

A plastic surgeon is today claiming to have pioneered a new plastic surgery that will remove our love handles, our muffin tops, the bits that hang over the tops of our jeans.

Short-lived miracle of “natural” Boob Jobs

Despite recent media attention on Natural Boob Jobs some experts are now fighting back. Many are now saying that the “two in one” breast enlargement/slimmer figure surgery was only a hope, and not enough experience is known as to the long term effects of these kinds of surgeries.

The Natural Boob Jobs

Yes, that’s right; a new boob job could soon be on the market and will involve no fake implants! This new kind of boob job would involve taking excess fatty tissue from the stomach area (hence why it has also been nicknamed the “two in one”!) to be used in the breasts.

New Nose Job in Ten Minutes

Under the knife nose jobs could be a thing of the past as all new injections of cosmetic filler could correct your nose in just ten minutes. Originally used for sporting injuries, injections containing a mix of hyaluronic acid and water act as fillers, straightening out nose shapes.

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