The Natural Boob Jobs

Yes, that’s right; a new boob job could soon be on the market and will involve no fake implants! This new kind of boob job would involve taking excess fatty tissue from the stomach area (hence why it has also been nicknamed the “two in one”!) to be used in the breasts. The more amazing phenomenon that would take place after this surgery would be the almost natural growth of the breasts to their new size.

Using stem cell therapy within the fatty tissue, the breasts would grow to their new size over a period of a few months until the cup size is enhanced to the one the patient desires. The breasts will also feel more natural as the tissue from the stomach feels like the soft tissue that would normally be found in the breast.

Until recently, this type of surgery has only been used for people suffering from deformities, sometimes in women who have had to have large parts of their breasts removed due to cancerous lumps being removed. A trial is currently been conducted in Glasgow for women needing breast enlargements of this nature. However, one is also taking place in London that is assessing this use of boob job for healthy women.

Ulrika Jonsson is also one of the women to have another “natural” form of boob job, with a natural boob lift. Commonly called a Mastoplexy, the procedure involves moving a gland from the lower part of the breast to the upper part and involves minimal scarring. This surgery is normally for older women who are seeking more natural looking breasts.

If these kinds of boob jobs are found to be safe and an option for women who wish to enlarge/lift their breast for cosmetic reasons, then it is thought that it will set them back up to £8,000 for each surgery. But with the end product being “real” and occurring through a more natural process perhaps these are the revolutionary boob jobs.

Tuesday 15th September 2009

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