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Short-lived miracle of “natural” Boob Jobs

Despite recent media attention on Natural Boob Jobs some experts are now fighting back. Many are now saying that the “two in one” breast enlargement/slimmer figure surgery was only a hope, and not enough experience is known as to the long term effects of these kinds of surgeries. It was hoped that the surgery would involve taking excess fat from the stomach/thigh and placing this fatty tissue into the breasts to grow to the size the patient desired. This type of surgery has been used in breast reformation surgeries for women who have deformed breasts due to cancer and other medical conditions.

However, statistics have now been brought forward that show out of around 200 women who had the surgery in Japan last year nearly half of them found that the fatty tissue that was placed into their breasts was in fact lost and they would need another surgery. It is also a concern as to what happens to the fat should it not take to its new area. This gives a very low success rate to the surgery (50%) and only in fact gives the patient a chance to have excess fat removed. At a costly, £8,000 for each surgery it is evidently not worth this risk. It has also emerged that this kind of surgery has been tried, unsuccessfully, for around twenty years prior to this latest media hype.

All hope is not lost, but perhaps a little premature. Doctors say that the use of fatty tissues in other areas, such as the face is more likely to succeed due to a better blood supply in this area. Therefore, the idea of taking fat from another part of the body and placing it in another is successful to some extent. This gives us a little hope that the surgery can be developed for all those who are in search of larger breasts and a slimmer figure. Many doctors are warning patients of the health risks involved with these kinds of surgeries, and one must remember the susceptible nature of the targeted groups of people that these surgeries can be aimed at. Unfortunately, it is not just the case of turning water into wine as was first imagined, just a glimmer of hope in the future perhaps.

Thursday 17th September 2009

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