Love Handles, what Love Handles?

A plastic surgeon is today claiming to have pioneered a new plastic surgery that will remove our love handles, our muffin tops, the bits that hang over the tops of our jeans. And whilst this is already a common cosmetic surgery involving liposuction, surgeon Patrick Mallucci of London Plastic Surgery Associates, has discovered a procedure that is much less invasive.

Unfortunately, for many women, particularly as they get older, the hips become a common place for fat to gather and can often be very hard to remove even with diet and exercise, meaning stretch marks can also become a problem. A common surgery to remove this excess fat would involve liposuction of the deep fat via little openings in the skin. This new surgery would instead remove “superficial” layers of fat that will remain around the hips even after diet and exercise. As it only focuses on the superficial layer, bruising and pain afterwards should be reduced quite significantly. Equally, due to it targeting the area of fat that is harder to budge, it should also ensure that the fat remains removed and not piled back on after the surgery.

If developed far enough this procedure could also remove this type of fat from the buttocks and thighs, also concentrating on superficial layers in these areas. However, some skeptics are already assessing the dangers of encouraging such surgeries, suggesting that this new procedure is just another way for surgeons to make money and merely encourages people to be lazy. It would be highly recommended to adopt a healthy lifestyle before considering the surgery as a scapegoat. The word “superficial” is also quite an ironic term to use for the layer of fat…it is insignificant, trivial, and thus perhaps begs the question as to why it should be costly removed and frowned upon as ‘unsightly’.

Friday 18th September 2009

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