Warnings Against Cosmetic Surgery Holidays

With increasing news of cosmetic surgery and quicker and easier procedures, sceptics are beginning to warn against travelling abroad to receive cheaper cosmetic surgeries. With more and more people surfing the Internet for cheaper options to their cosmetic surgeries, many are finding cut-rate alternatives in foreign countries. With the bonus of a holiday on top of your surgery, it’s not hard to see why many people are drawn to this option. However, it’s maybe time to take a step back and properly assess what risks you could be putting yourself in, and whether the lower prices are really worth it.

As the number of people seeking cosmetic surgery abroad increases, so does the number of people who need further treatment due to complications when they return home. Some clinics have seen up to an astonishing 15 cases in one month resulting from these bogus foreign surgeries. The five countries that are predominantly mentioned with problematic surgeries are; Poland, Thailand, Turkey, Belgium and South Africa. The increase in these surgeries is thought to be because of the rise in cosmetic surgery itself, and with increased packages available, vulnerable people who are seeking cosmetic surgery are targeted.

This rising problem is thought to extend from the increased use of websites to promote cosmetic surgery packages. For example, someone typing into Google “cosmetic surgery” will have access to thousands of various websites and many of these will be illegitimate and false in their information. Research has shown that 9/10 foreign Internet sites do not mention the complications that could arise during/after the surgeries and over half of them to do not offer face-to-face consultations prior to surgery.

Unfortunately, many people will still be enticed by these seemingly low prices and many experts worry about what care is available post-operation for these patients. Therefore, if you are considering cosmetic surgery and are looking further a field than Britain, it is strongly advised to check, check and check again that you will receive good, safe and efficient treatment abroad. Do not be completely put off by these warnings and feel that all surgeries abroad are dangerous, as this is not the case.

Wednesday 23rd September 2009

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