Eyelash Transplant Surgeries for Madarosis

For many people who suffer from alopecia, trichotillomania and those receiving chemotherapy, madarosis is a frequent side-effect. This involves loss of the eyelashes, sometimes completely. Whilst there are alternatives in the form of false eyelashes from most beauty retailers, these can be uncomfortable, costly, temporary and unnatural. The new surgery which is being offered by one of the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery providers, Transform, could alter the lives of many madarosis sufferer’s.

The loss of eyelashes for many can be transformative to their looks and reduce self-esteem, but with this simple microsurgery, all can be restored. In as little time as four hours, the patient will receive fuller, longer lashes using hair from the back of the head and transplanting it into the eyelid. Small cuts are made along the line of eyelashes whilst the patient is under anesthetic and the eyelashes placed into these slits. Due to the lack of incisions, the surgery is minimally evasive and carries few side-effects and dangers. The only maintenance these eyelashes need is a six-weekly trim due to the eyelashes not falling out as normal eyelashes would.

Surgery prices start at around £3,500 but offer the patients permanent results 3-6 months after the surgery has taken place. In the long run this procedure is thought to be cost effective, compared to the purchasing of false eyelashes and equally offers a permanent, natural alternative. It is recommended to reconsider this surgery should you merely want longer eyelashes, and is normally only advised for those who have lost their eyelashes.

Friday 9th October 2009

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