See Life Clearer with Eyelid Surgery

Whilst most cosmetic surgeries are generally thought of as exactly what their title suggests, “cosmetic”, it has been suggested by a recent study conducted at the American Academy of Otolaryngology that surgery to correct saggy eyelids (Blepharoplasty) could dramatically increase the quality of patient’s lives.

As we get older unfortunately our skin becomes lacking in elasticity and can cause saggy eyelids, eyebrows, puffy bags beneath the eyes and wrinkles. Whilst the majority of people will put this down to aging and merely a sign of our getting older, this sagging could actually be impairing your eyesight. The surgical procedure would then remove excess skin, muscle and fat surrounding the eyes and rid the patient of the sagging, wrinkles and bags surrounding the eyes.

It is thought that not only will the surgery cosmetically change the patient with them feeling more confident in the way they look and younger, with their self-esteem raised, but could also give them a vision they no longer thought they could achieve. As the sagging and impairment of vision would be a gradual process, the actual affect that this is having on the patient’s vision may not be fully noticeable. Once the surgery is completed many patients feel like they have a completely new outlook on life. 

The majority of the patients who receive this kind of surgery are above the age of 30 and suffering from these signs of aging. However, sometimes bags under the eyes can run in the family and when this occurs the age of the patient can be lowered. The surgery normally involves (depending on the severity of the surgery) making incisions in the natural creases of the eyes, both in the upper and lower lid. The excess fat, skin and muscle will then be removed, and this can be performed with local anesthetics around the eyes. The recovery from this kind of surgery can be as quick as a week to ten days.

Monday 12th October 2009

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