Death of beauty queen casts shadow over cosmetic surgery industry

Former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano has died following a routine cosmetic surgery to firm her buttocks; Gluetoplasty. Following complications in the operation, Solange was rushed to hospital with breathing problems where she remained in intensive care until Sunday when she died of a pulmonary embolism (a blocked artery in her lung). This news could mean the seed of doubt is planted in hundreds of people who are considering plastic surgery in the not so distant future.

The operation she underwent promised to firm her buttocks using a simple injection which will also rid you of your cellulite. However, the fluid that was injected into Solange went to her lungs and brain too. The procedure has only been available for two years and is cheaper than other surgeries e.g. the insertion of fat following liposuction from another area. Whilst her husband denies that it could be malpractice and sees her death as a tragic accident; other experts are concerned that the operation wasn’t carried out properly. As it involves several injections, it is vital that they are carried out in the correct place; otherwise the liquid will enter the capillaries, and travel to the brain and lungs as it did with Solange.

Her death has sparked many concerns for Argentineans in particular, as their cosmetic surgery rating has gone up over 60% in the past five years. Argentina is also a popular destination for people to travel to have cosmetic surgery as it offers it at reduced rates. Unfortunately, Solagne’s death serves as a harsh reminder to thoroughly research the complications and risks involved in your particular surgery. The buttock lift promises hardly any pain and a firmer buttock, but what people do not realise is it is a very complicated procedure.

Solange had a very successful career, beautiful twins and a husband. If the reports are true, it begs the question, what price is too much to pay for our vanity?  

Wednesday 9th December 2009

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