Rhinoplasty is given a 3-D edge

23rd December 2009

Leading U.S facial plastic surgeon, Samieh (Sam) Rizk has adopted a technique which has been around for years in the industrial industry and has designed a technology to help the precision of facial surgery. He has developed a 3-D endoscopic system which helps him to preserve tissues and muscles within the nose as the system allows him to visualize the intranasal anatomy clearer. He prides himself on giving the patient a natural look, one without the usual angular tips and with no damage to the airways.

This new 3-D system is hoped to be used alongside another patented idea of Dr. Rizk’s, a micro-diamond burr machine which should soften and graft the nose into its natural look. The fine-art of this surgery should also reduce the amount of recovery period, with less bruising and bleeding caused.

Even though the cosmetic surgery industry is always expanding and improving, it appears that Dr. Rizk may be one step ahead. As patient’s become more particular about what result they desire, Dr. Rizk seems to find no nose job too big. Unlike previous surgeries in which a computer image would be created before the surgery showing the patient’s desired image, Dr. Rizk’s team can see a 3-D visualization throughout the procedure, meaning he is more than capable of giving patients exactly what they want.

With such sheer complexities attached to most cosmetic surgeries, it is hoped that Dr. Rizk’s new technologies can be adapted to many other types of cosmetic procedures to ensure precision is maintained and the vision the patient has is precisely what is grafted.

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